pondělí 10. května 2010

Podcasty z TPM: The Philosopher's Magazine

5.5.2010 - Daniel Dennett is talking about the new atheism, and there’s a guest report by Antonia Macaro on the relevance of stoicism for today, with interviewees John Sellars and Richard Sorabji.

6.1.2010 - This special edition comes from Puebla, Mexico, at the Ciudad de las Ideas (City of Ideas) festival. The guests are Randy Cohen, writer of The New York Times’s The Ethicist column; Bad Thoughts author Jamie Whyte; and “new atheist” Sam Harris.

4.12.2009 - The last Philosophy Monthly of 2009 features previously unreleased extracts salvaged from the cutting room floor from six of the best interviews of the year: Michael Frayn, AC Grayling, Jonathan Sacks, Peter Singer, Timothy Williamson and Tony Wright MP.

6.10.2009 - In his latest Philosophy Monthly, tpm editor Julian Baggini is talking to Timothy Williamson about the virtues of rigour, Simon Blackburn about ethics and emotion, and Nina Power about new and forthcoming books.

2.7.2009 - It’s an all-atheist edition of tpm editor Julian Baggini’s Philosophy Monthly, with novelist Christopher Brookmyer and psychologist Susan Blackmore discussing the alleged aggression of the new atheists and a universe without meaning. The ethicist Peter Singer also defends his brand of utilitarianism.

Všechny podcasty z The Philosopher's Magazine.

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